Kacey Cane – Exorcism By Multiple Orgasms


Meet Kacey everyone, a 23-year-old fitness junkie who goes to the gym 5 or 6 times a week for 3 hours each time. That’s dedication, and if you want to see what she looks like when she goes there then go check out her debut over at excogigirls with Megan Marx were she went by the name Kelsey Kane and licked some slit in that video entitled: “Saying ‘Fuck’ Means I’m Coming.” You see we picked her and that Phat Ass of hers up in a very revealing, jaw dropping, tight fitting, ass accentuating, hello Phat Ass Kitty Cat of a girl’s – “look at my Ass and outline of my Pussy” workout attire that just shows off what a spectacularly out of this world, stupendous Phat Ass she has. That was a mouth full, and so is her ass, and it’s by far one of the best and fattest muscular Asses we have had on this site in quite some time…

Kacey’s pretty proud of it and the title of both of her scenes tells the story of just how Orgasmic she is. Today she had 24 O’s, and for her Muff munching trip with Megan Marx it was a tsunami of pussy juice and she had a bajillion earth shaking O’s there. Way more than today’s count and you weren’t kidding when you said you’re always horny girl and can get off with a stiff breeze. Lucky girl, and after the usual pre-fucking interview on the bed where we get a better look at that fantastic body and abs on you, the festivities got underway as you Twerked that Phat Ass for us at (13:05) and I’m confirming right now that that IS your best feature as well. Next, Tyler gets down to lick and taste her pussy and well as her septic system which just sends this girl over the edge before jumping up to use the Magic Wand on her clit and Orgasm #1 and #2 followed at (18:51 and 19:28). Now the second O wasn’t a Squirting Orgasm but at (20:09) you can see Kacey’s pussy pool up with cream and it drips out in an oh so hot as hell way, and with that Tyler put his cock in her mouth at (20:52). Don’t blame you buddy for wanting your cock sucked and the Exorcism by Multiple Orgasms began with her first Eye Rolling at (23:05) and then she had 3 Orgasms back to back to back. Wow, and you don’t even have a cock in you yet girl. Now listen, Orgasms #6, #7, #8, #9, and #10 followed in rapid succession and I can’t keep listing them all because there’s just to many. Look below if you want to know when they happened because next Tyler lubed up that Phat Ass with almost an entire bottle of $150 lube before putting a Butt Plug up her ass and DP’ing her with Toys for the rest of the sex. Hey I get it, and also love shoving objects up girl’s holes just as much as the next guy because girls holes should just be filled. Period, and Tyler does just that until he fucks her once more in Lazy Doggy where he pulls out to cum all over her Twerking Phat Ass at (1:20:41) then immediately jumps up to cum on her face, which I show in multiple replays from many different angles. You’re welcome everyone, and Kacey you definitely have The-Ass-That-It’s-Made-For girl and I hope you all enjoy it.

Actors: Kacey Cane
Category: Amateur
Added on: July 5, 2023

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