Victoria Voxxx – Long Time, No Stalk


Cora (Victoria Voxxx) opens her front door to get her morning paper, only to be shocked when she spots Marcus (Robby Apples) looming over her. It turns out that Marcus is a man who stalked her when she used to live in another state, though Cora never got enough proof for a restraining order. Cora moved here just to get away from him, but it seems all her efforts were for naught since Marcus has followed her and moved in right next door…

Over the next few days, Marcus creepily spies on Cora as she tries to live her life. He watches her when she gardens… after she’s taken a shower… and even creeps up to her living room window to try and get a closer look inside her home as she tidies up. And when Cora later finds a fresh set of footprints outside this window, she decides to call the authorities again, though they still won’t help her. She’s on her own, it seems.

The next day, Marcus shows up at Cora’s front door, carrying one of her packages. He claims it was delivered to him by mistake, but Cora can see right through his disgusting smirk. She demands to know what it will take for him to move away and leave her alone for good. Marcus muses that it would be a massive inconvenience for him to move away so soon after arriving, though hints that he COULD consider it if she makes it worth his while… Cora can hardly believe her ears, though decides to take a risk and give Marcus what he’s always craved so that she can finally be rid of him forever.

Actors: Victoria Voxxx
Category: Small Tits
Tags: Pure Taboo
Added on: July 11, 2023

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