Pristine Edge – Housewife’s Backdoor Delivery


Jayden Marcos, a delivery boy, brings a package to the front door of a home and rings the doorbell. When the door opens, however, he’s stunned to see Pristine Edge, barely clothed and sizing him up sultrily. She goes to sign the delivery form but stops, saying that she recognizes his name from the form. It turns out that Pristine is the parent of one of Jayden’s old schoolmates. It’s been so long since she’s seen Jayden- she hardly recognized him now that he’s all grown up. What a surprise!

As Pristine goes to sign the form, however, she pretends that her pen is out of ink and invites Jayden to wait inside while she goes to fetch one. He does and catches an appreciative view of her ass as she walks away. When Pristine comes back into the room, it seems like she’s left her top unbuttoned, revealing sex lingerie for Jayden’s inexperienced eyes to take in. Jayden’s a bit taken aback, claiming that this is hardly appropriate. Pristine softens his heart, however, when she mentions how all she wants is a bit of attention- something she hardly ever gets from her husband.

Pristine craves the attention of someone who really cares… and who’s truly willing to appreciate ALL she has to offer. As she says this, she turns around and shows off her incredible ass to Jayden, who licks his lips. This is his chance to get a head start on all those other guys his age… by getting to fuck a hot MILF not only in the pussy, but in the ass. Jayden accepts, and they have energetic, playful sex that includes facesitting, tittyfucking, and plenty of anal.

Actors: Pristine Edge
Category: Anal, Big Tits, Brunette
Tags: Adult Time
Added on: August 20, 2023

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