Penny Barber – Paper Route


Penny Barber paces tentatively through her living room, the beams of midday light from her wooden blinds painting a soft pattern on her skin and dress. She takes out her cell phone and sends a text to Apollo Banks, the young man who runs her paper route. She asks if he can come by, and he responds that he’ll be right over.

Apollo arrives soon after, and when they see each other, their eyes light up with romance and desire. They come together, their hands touching and their bodies pressed close. Before things can get too heated, however, Penny brings Apollo to the couch and sits him down. There’s something she needs to talk to him about.

Penny’s worried that this romance that’s sprung up between them is unwise. She’s some years older than him, so she wouldn’t want to come across like she’s taking advantage. He also runs the paper route for the entire neighborhood- what would the neighbors think if they saw them together? But Apollo is kind and persistent, reminding her about the reasons they fell for each other in the first place. They’re two souls that have been inextricably drawn together, and there’s no reason they should resist what they know to be true. Penny is moved and reassured by Apollo’s compassionate charm, and they come together for sensual, erotic sex.

Actors: Penny Barber
Category: Big Tits, Brunette, MILF
Tags: AdultTime
Added on: July 31, 2023

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