Mirka & Ella Bonita – Whats For Breakfast


Cute brunette Ella Bonita strolls into the kitchen to find her girlfriend Mirka already busy, looking adorable in a chef’s toque and jacket but no pants. As Tora Ness’ hot lesbian movie “What’s For Breakfast” begins, Mirka reveals she’s the tastiest thing on the menu, unbuttoning her top to bare her perky breasts. Ella hops off the counter to embrace her, then carries her to the bedroom and tosses her on the bed. In moments she has Mirka naked and is sucking her nipples; her sweetheart repays the favor avidly, peeling off Ella’s shorts and moving between her spread thighs to lick her shaved pussy. Ella moans with arousal as Mirka uses her fingers and tongue to drive her wild. They switch places, Ella going face down ass up to eat her lover’s pussy, then fingering her with both hands until her excitement is at boiling point. Ella straddles Mirka’s face and they frig each other frantically, and lick in a passionate sixty-nine. Dismounting, Ella devours Mirka voraciously, giving her a mind-blowing climax, then grinds on her face until she’s so overwhelmed by the orgasmic waves she can do nothing but clutch the sheets and squeal. It’s a deliciously satisfying start to their day.

Actors: Ella Bonita, Mirka
Category: Lesbian, Small Tits
Tags: Viv Thomas
Added on: July 4, 2023

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