Leana Lovings – Back Off, I Was Here First


Leana Lovings and her boyfriend Apolla Banks are studying for finals with their mutual friend Jayden Marcos. Leana and Apollo start stressing out, however, when they realize that they’re having trouble cramming. Leana blames Apollo for taking her out on a date just a few days before their exam, while Apollo says that he was simply doing what Leana wanted him to do!

Jayden can only watch as Leana and Apollo’s bickering devolves into an all-out argument, with Apollo eventually storming off to get some air. Jayden stays behind to comfort Leana, who is a little bit out of sorts. But things get a bit tricky when Jayden goes behind Apollo’s back and makes a move on Leana, claiming that he’d be better for her than Apollo.

Just then, Apollo returns and catches Jayden working his magic on this girlfriend. Apollo is pissed, but Jayden won’t back down. He’s had a crush on Leana FOREVER- why does Apollo get to have dibs on her? Especially when he treats her so poorly. The last thing Leana wants is for these two guys to fight, so she comes up with an interesting idea… Why don’t they have a threesome together? That way, each guy can do their best to prove that they’re the best one for Leana. Jayden and Apollo are into it, whipping out their cocks as Leana kneels down to grip both shafts in her hands.

Actors: Leana Lovings
Category: Brunette, Threesome
Tags: Adult Time
Added on: October 11, 2023

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