Kimmy Kimm & Madi Collins – The Squirt Tutor


Madi Collins welcomes Kimmy Kimm into her home. Kimmy is a tutor who Madi reached out to online, and she’s pleased to see that Madi has gathered a bunch of towels to prepare for their session. You see, Kimmy is a very special kind of tutor… a SQUIRT tutor. Madi wants to learn how to squirt so she can give her girlfriend a nice surprise. Kimmy can sense Madi’s eagerness and smiles, telling Madi to relax and she’ll teach her everything she knows…

They start their lesson by Kimmy explaining how to properly prepare for a wet session. They spread out the towels, and then strip out of their clothing. Kimmy then uses a wash basin to freshen up Madi’s vagina, tenderly making sure that Madi feels comfortable and even a bit aroused. Kimmy then invites Madi to sit back and watch – the next step of the lesson is to see how squirting is done.

Kimmy demonstrates how she makes herself squirt, which gets Madi excited. Kimmy then helps Madi to squirt, and praises Madi for doing a good job. The women then continue to make each other squirt in a fun sex session between an experienced tutor and an eager protege. Madi’s girlfriend is going to be really impressed with everything Madi learned!

Tags: Girls Way
Added on: July 6, 2023

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