Ember Snow & Dana Vespoli – Highly Recommended


Peter (Oliver Davis) and his fiancee Tina (Dana Vespoli) are having a conversation about Sharon (Ember Snow), a wedding planner they just finished meeting with. As they discuss whether or not to choose Sharon as their wedding planner, Peter admits that he’s a little uncertain about Sharon – she seemed VERY focused on him, which weirded him out a bit. Tina disagrees, saying that she liked how Sharon was connecting with them – Sharon seemed to really take an interest in them, and what they wanted for the wedding. Peter says that Sharon seemed a little TOO interested in him, but Tina is dismissive, saying they WANT a wedding planner who is enthusiastic and will take the job seriously… Besides, Sharon came HIGHLY recommended by a few couples they know. Peter still looks a little uncertain, but tells Tina that he’ll trust her judgment.

A few weeks later, Sharon, Peter, and Tina get together for a planning session. Throughout the session, Sharon does lots of subtle flirting with Peter – especially when Tina is distracted. After Sharon leaves, Peter raises his concerns about Sharon’s behavior again, saying that Sharon was ALL OVER him. But Tina is unconvinced and she even chuckles, teasing that MAYBE he’s just longing to feel like he’s still attractive, especially with a slightly younger woman like Sharon. Tina playfully assures him that he’s still a charmer – after all, she’s MARRYING him. However, Peter still seems a bit uneasy about Sharon.

A week later, Peter is alone at home when he gets a surprise visit from Sharon. He is shocked as Sharon comes on to him, acting much more seductive than before. Peter says that he TRIED to warn Tina, but Tina didn’t believe him. Sharon ramps up her seduction, saying that if he tried to warn Tina and she didn’t listen, then what comes next is kind of her fault, isn’t it? Peter is clearly at his wits’ end, trying so hard to resist temptation but unable to refuse what Sharon is offering him. Sharon tells him that it’s just one last romp before he ties the knot, and he finally relents.

As Peter and Sharon are having sex, Tina suddenly comes in through the door, and is shocked and upset at what she sees. Peter tries to defend himself, telling Tina that he TRIED to warn her this would happen. Tina is furious, asking how he could do this to her, but Peter tries to insist it’s Sharon’s fault. Sharon is completely unashamed, telling Tina and Peter to calm down – they’ve already put so much work into this wedding, so it’d be a shame for it to fall through NOW. Wouldn’t it be easier to just stay the course and still get married? Acting generous, Sharon says that she’ll even help bridge the gap, and invites Tina to join the sex – that way, it’s not even REALLY like Peter cheated, it’s more like… Peter and Tina both agreed to a threesome. Sharon says that if they say it enough times, maybe they’ll even start to believe it. Peter and Tina both look ashamed, but clearly don’t want their futures disrupted, so they agree to the idea. But little do they know that Sharon has one more surprise left in store for them after the sex…

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Added on: October 3, 2023

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