Eden West – My Hot Stepcousin’s Checkpoint Challenge


Eden West is visiting her family and just wants to have a good time, but her step cousin Johnny Love is not interested in sharing his time or his video game console with her. Eden decides to take things into her own hands and doesn’t wait for Johnny’s permission to kill some baddies online. Johnny seems upset, but that quickly changes when Eden flashes her pussy to her stepcousin! Johnny proposes a bet – whoever wins the online game gets to boss the other one around. Eden has been practicing and she is in. Johnny is embarrassed when his stepcousin handily whips him at the game, but he is even more shocked when she demands to sit on his face so she can play a solo mission!? A deal is a deal. Johnny licks & sniffs his step cousin’s pussy as she grinds into his face and plays her video game. She gets curious about Johnny’s cock and pulls it out while she sits on him – she begins to jerk and suck his hard dick. Johnny gets real excited & sloppily face-fucks his stepcousin before letting her hop on his cock. Eden’s juicy pussy greases up her step cousin’s meat as she excitedly bounces up & down. Eden even lets Johnny hit it from behind while he plays a round online! Johnny cums all over his stepcousin’s face and they agree they should be gaming partners going forward!

Actors: Eden West
Category: Big Tits, Ebony
Added on: July 20, 2023

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