Chanel Camryn – I’m Gonna Buttfuck Your Firstborn # 2


Chanel Camryn is hanging out in her room when her parent, Trixie Gips, barges in with some exciting news. It seems like Trixie’s old college flame, Ryan Driller, came to town and decided to stop by the house! In fact, Trixie wants Chanel to come downstairs and meet him! Chanel’s a bit weirded out, especially given all the lewd stories she’s heard about Ryan from Trixie’s college days, though she agrees to go and make his acquaintance…

Chanel follows Trixie to the living room, where Ryan waits patiently. Chanel’s immediately struck by Ryan’s good looks and confident swagger. He’s not at ALL like she imagined… and as Ryan and Trixie fondly reminisce about the WILD times they spent in college, it’s clear that Chanel’s wondering what sort of wild times SHE can have with Ryan…

Luckily for Chanel, it seems like her desires may come to fruition… Trixie invites Ryan to stay at their house while he’s in town and suggests that Chanel help make him feel comfortable. Oh, Chanel will make him feel comfortable alright… by slipping his hard cock inside of her tight teen asshole, that is!

Actors: Chanel Camryn
Category: Anal
Tags: Devil's Film
Added on: July 2, 2023

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