Ana Foxxx, Victoria Voxxx, Mona Azar & Charlotte Sins – Better Off Swapped


Two best friends, Victoria Voxxx and Mona Azar, are getting tired of their long-time girlfriends, Charlotte Sins and Ana Foxxx, to the point where Victoria and Mona are considering breaking up with them. Surprisingly, however, as they lament to each other, Victoria and Mona realize that each other’s girlfriend is actually PERFECT for them! That’s when the besties cheekily come up with a scheme to seduce each other’s girlfriends during a double date…

When the four of them get together, they start to play some couple games. But eventually, the besties engineer it so that Victoria is on a team with Ana and Mona is on a team with Charlotte so that the steamy seduction can begin. It unbelievably starts to work but Ana and Charlotte soon catch on to the besties’ ploy, confronting them.

Victoria and Mona come clean, talking about how they feel that their relationships have run their course. BUT Victoria believes that she’s compatible with Ana and that Mona is compatible with Charlotte, so all is not lost! In fact, the besties think it’d be a great idea if they tried swapping partners.

Ana and Charlotte are in disbelief but also intrigued. However, they’re still a little unsure about everything… until a fun foursome is offered to break the ice.

Category: Group, Interracial, Lesbian
Tags: Girls Way
Added on: March 7, 2024

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